Services From The Best UK SEO Company Plus Top Tips For Business Websites

One of the most effective ways to increase visitor numbers to your business website is to hire the services of the best UK SEO company. Such a company can work with you to increase your website’s SERP rankings with top search engine operators, like Google, so you start to get more visitors to your site. What’s more, traffic from SERPs (search engine results pages) tends to be very lucrative, as it is easier to convert to sales. That all said, if you want to get started with DIY SEO work on your business website today, here are a few top tips from Ocean One SEO a leading UK SEO provider:

1. Remove duplicate content your site.
If your website contains any content that you have copied from other sources, it is sure to be penalised by search engine ranking algorithms. Google values unique content, and they use the latest technology to detect plagiarised content when indexing a website.

2. Start building quality backlinks.
Quality backlinks are links to your website from external trusted sources. One of the easiest ways to start building backlinks is to submit guest posts to blogs that have high domain ranks. Links to your website from news websites and niche-relevant forums can also help to improve your website’s SERP rankings. Just make sure that you include your targeted keywords in the link anchor text.

3. Add video content to your website.
Today’s internet users tend to prefer websites that have lots of multimedia content. As a result, Google gives preference to websites that have lots of graphical, video and interactive content in search results. If your website currently just has static pages with walls of text and the odd photo or image, it’s time to invest in some multimedia content creation services. The best UK SEO company can help you to ensure your website is ready for Google’s rankings algorithms in 2019.

4. Invest in a professional web hosting provider.
Your business website needs to have exceptional uptime and security, and have fast loading pages in order to get featured in the number one position in organic search results. This means that investing a quality web host is key to a successful SEO campaign. Google penalizes all websites not using the latest HTTPS SSL protocol.

5. Mobile optimization is essential.
Google has been using mobile-first indexing for over a year now, which means having a website that is not optimized for modern mobile browsers will be having a detrimental effect on SERP rankings. Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your website is mobile-friendly is to use a responsive web design theme. That way, you won’t have the hassle of maintaining two separate themes; one for desktop and one for mobile devices.

6. Take advantage of social media integration.
When your website has a visible presence on social media networks, SERP rankings are sure to improve. It is therefore important that you make sure that all of the content on your website can be easily shared on social media platforms like Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, and Instagram. If your site is using a WordPress CMS, there are many social media button integration plugins available, and it would be worth checking them out.

7. Add a blog to your website.
One of the main advantages of adding a blog to a business website is that it provides you with the opportunity to add more content to your website and thus target a wider range of keywords. After all, it can be hard to come up with content directly related to your business once you have created all of the static service and product pages. With a blog, you can add new content to your website every day by writing about, for example, the latest national and international news related to your business industry. Google rewards websites that have regularly updated and new content, so a blog can also help your site to rank better for your main keywords along with expanding the keywords you can target.

Featured above are a few top tips to help you get started with your business’s SEO strategy in 2019. As aforementioned at the beginning of this article, however, a more effective way to improve your business website’s position on Google SERPs would be to buy services from the best UK SEO company you can find.

How to Have a Solid Website?

 How to Have a Solid Website?

Content and SEO tips aside, it is important to have your own solid website without the need to worry about any technical problems that may arise. With that said, here are some of the techniques and tips provided by to help you ensure that your site is up to par:

Take a Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

First and foremost, why not do yourself a good favor and consider switching to HTTPs, the securest version, and commonly used version of old HTTP web protocol. HTTP’s secure version is called HTTPS. It is a great practice that would help your site improve its SEO presence, be secure, and make it tougher for the malicious parties to take advantage and break in of your site.

The transition process is much easier said than done. It actually requires a process with multiple steps. The content should be scanned individually and ported over as well as checked for compatibility. The procedure was repeated with the ads and once security and compatibility were ensured, the site slowly went live to guard against unforeseen errors and traffic loss. If you are a smaller organization, the process will be less time consuming and painstaking. Today, moving to HTTPS is considered as a necessity in the world of heightened SEM and SEO requirements and cybersecurity threats.

Allot Some of Your Money for Crawlers

To make sure that Google is crawling your pages and not the ones that do not appear in the search engine’s index, use a crawl program. SEO crawlers are the same with the crawlers of Google and would provide you an overview of how your webpage would perform in the SEO rankings.

Correct Your Own Semantic Markups

For you to help Google know your data or to show it your website voice searches and smartcards, you have to make sure that your semantic markups are always correct. The semantic markups are HTML tags that will help emphasize the important information on your site. For example, H1 or heading tag may help crawlers understand what your content’s about in an accurate manner. The crawlers will know how to sort your blog post under the relevant categories. In other words, you have to edit or correct the semantic markups in your website. In this way, they will reflect your information and data as accurately as possible.

Fix the 404 Errors

Nothing would sink your site faster than 404 errors when the search engine cannot find the desired website and results to a dead end. It is in one’s interest to repair such broken and missing pages as well as re-engage your users immediately. No matter what the platform you’re using, whether it is Oracle or Google Analytics, take a look at the page views for your 404 pages. After that, add URL as your secondary dimension and repair the huge offenders first. With this, you will be able to boost user interface and regain inbound links from such pages.