How to Get the Best Results With Local SEO

For many small businesses, exposure on Google can be everything they need to flourish.† Nowadays, when someone needs something they simply Google search for it right on their phone, tablet, or computer.† If you have a local business and are not showing up for searches that are related to your business, you are losing out big time to your competition and missing the boat on new leads on a daily basis.† To avoid that, let’s talk about some of the main things you can do to build a strong local SEO presence.

Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing to Get Good Local SEO Results (Not in Order of Importance)

  • Optimize – You need to optimize 2 things, your website and your Google My Business listing.† For your website, don’t overdo it but it is vital to have the important info in key places in regards to SEO.† If your URL (domain name) does not have keywords, MAKE SURE you get target keywords in your titles.† For example, if you are a roofer in Nashville create a title something like Nashville Roofing Company | Your Brand.† This is telling Google that your site is about Nashville roofing because you are optimizing for that keyword.† There is more to it than that, and you can pick up some quality info by just scouring YouTube but optimize your website because in so many cases local business websites are not doing this.† For GMB (Google My Business), make sure your categories are accurate (seems easy enough but people get it wrong), create posts on a regular basis, and load up your listing with optimized images.† Optimized images mean you name the images with keywords related to your business, ie nashville roofers, nashville roofing etc… There is also something called geotagging the images, but if that is too techy for you then just focus on getting the images named properly.† These 2 things alone will help a ton.
  • Local Directories – Getting your website listed on local sites, like your local Chamber of Commerce and other city type business directories is important.† The purpose is not so much to get a ton of business from these but to get links from them.† Those types of links will help your site become strong and relevant for local keyword searches.
  • Citations & NAP – Citations are listings on sites like Yelp, Manta, YP, HotFrog, and others.† In larger cities, it is recommended to get 100+ citations built and the key thing to remember here is that you MUST have your NAP info (Name, Address, Phone #) exactly the same across every citation.† I know what you are thinking… “I am not an idiot I know my address”.† Well, as a person that works in local SEO on a daily basis you would be amazed at how many people make mistakes here, and it costs them dearly.† Inconsistent NAP info can derail your maps rankings, so just take the time to get it right from the jump.
  • Video Marketing – Video marketing is often overlooked by local business owners.† Video marketing is something you should really consider for your local business because YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world so there is traffic there and you can likely scoop it up with a properly optimized video.† Not only that but the more spots you hold on page 1 the more chances you have to land the lead.† Win-win.
  • Get Social – Any legit business should have the usual social media profiles set up, you know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin etc…† Make sure you get those links back to your website in the about section, that is important.† Be active, share your website URL often, and engage with your audience.† Google likes social signals, it helps them confirm your business is alive and well.

This might seem like a lot of work, but the rewards of ranking in local search can change the fortune of a business all-together.† If you can handle it in-house, great.† If not it is recommended that you find a reputable SEO company to take the project on.

Josh Parker, provides Milwaukee SEO services to local businesses and often talks about how so many local business owners have done more damage than good with the SEO they have tried to take on themselves.† Things are always changing in the world of Search Engine Optimization, so if you are the least bit unsure about what you are doing your best move is to search for good help.

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